Monday 1 June 2020

Video on Basic of Will

A Basic knowledge of will in India is given in the above video. Any one can access the video. 

Draft of a Will

Drafting a Will is very important part. At the time of Drafting of Will, Testator is in hurry and do not ever read the draft properly. Testator is the person who is writing a will of his/her property. 

As per the Indian Law on Wills, Testator can write the will on plain paper also. In India, registration of will is not compulsory. That is why the draft of will play an important role in such cases. 

You can assume that how important is that piece of paper is which is not notarized or registered and still valid. and that piece of paper will deiced the future of crores of immovable property. Each and every word of that will is so important which decide that how the beneficiary objects and fight for the property. I have written the last blog about the history of wills -

One should keep in mind to always right what share of property is given to whom and also the reasons for the same. If Testator is not writing any share of property to some particular person, he/she should mention the reason. It is not a law but a good practice. I would always suggest you to take a help of an professional Advocate. 

Mayank Gakkhar

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Basic Histroy

Property is the main source of dispute from ancient India. We have seen many and many of internal Battles fought in World just to sit on the Thrown and acquire the Power and Property. We have seen many from our epics like Mahabharat. The most destructive battle fought for the Property and to establish the Power of Satya and Dharma.

We also have seen some internal battles and kings fighting with their own people just for the Property. Some well known examples are KING ASHOKA of Mauryan Empires. Which killed many of his brothers just to acquire the Power and Property.

We can not deny the fact the power is established not only on people but on property as well. If you do not have any property and money how will you survive in Power. So Property is the basic of Power. To gain power you need mind and politics but to remain in power you need asserts and money. 

We have seen some examples above where one of the person win the internal battle and shines in the sky. But in many cases, due to the internal battle, many of the people losses every thing. According to the shastras "It is the duty of Present to Secure the Future". That means Present generations is ethically bound their successors will not fight with themselves. 

That is why we need proper management and that is why we need Will. Rest be in next Blog. For  now take care and stay happy as always.